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Tradition in
it’s finest form

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Trust. Quality. Diversity

At Anil’s, we thrive to furnish our patron’s vision into a reality. From selecting the finest quality of gem to crafting it out in your reflected design. Our highly skilled craftsmen give a surreal touch to your jewellery with a promise to see a reflection of your dream.

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We believe in taking care of our patrons forever. Therefore, all gold available at Anil’s has BIS 916 Hallmark. Also, each jewellery bought from our showroom has our brand’s name.

Purity Guaranteed


Cooperative and dedicated repair team and streamlined fixing process.

Your visual, our perfection. Handcrafted by the best craftsman of the state.


Complete bifurcation of cost, material and everything in the process of postulating your design.

Complete Transparency

Our customers have trusted us with their ancestral jewellery for the past 55 years. In times of mismatch or dissatisfaction, we’ll be open to exchange after verifying the BIS Hallmark and our company’s logo.

Best Exchange Value

Safety Scheme

We, at Anil’s, give our customers an overall cost effectiveness, in which they can pay the requisite amount in instalments as per their convenience (can be as low as ₹100 and there’s no upper limit).

If our customer chooses to pay monthly instalments for a year, we would add another instalment of a similar amount for the 13th month from our end. Then, you’ll get an opportunity to purchase any jewellery (ornament only, no coins or bar) with that money.

 Our welfare policy is completely flexible. The customer can pay ANY amount in instalments, doesn’t have to be the same fixed amount and that’s what makes us flexible

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Turkish Collection


Our Collections

Handpicked collections for your exquisite style

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Italian Diamonds

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Anil's Experience

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No Hidden Costs

Price match guarantee. A one-stop-shop for all jewelry needs

Personalized Designs

Personalized designs with visuals and catalogs. Quality hallmarked jewelry meeting all purity standards

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Costumer Support

Regular updates with order tracking available. Dedicated team for prompt response and support (Repairs, etc)

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Image by Lucas Lenzi

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